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Finding the right marketing leader to help you accelerate your brand is essential to build your future. Vladimer is one of the world's most requested marketing speakers and advisors who drives companies forward to help them become the number one in their industries. He frequently addresses board meetings at top technology firms around the world. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived and in our ever-changing world, all brands need to change and adapt. Audiences learn from what he has achieved in 15 years at the forefront of digital technology. He brings the ideal balance of storytelling, practicality, tailored insights and passion to audiences of every size. He helps marketing teams navigate what comes next and shares insights that maximize their success. He's one of the most booked speakers around the world and his talks receive rave reviews because he leaves audiences inspired and full of ideas. His average audience satisfaction rating is 98%. He has been described as the "world's best marketing and consultant" by his clients. He has been recommended by top executives from Google, MasterCard, PepsiCo, AC Milan, Forrester Research, and other brands. Companies that embrace his cutting-edge strategies often receive industry awards. With many successful projects to his name, he provides matchless opportunities to global clients in navigating the ever-changing modern business world.

Vladimer’s world-class digital marketing services include:



Startup Advising






The results will bring you loyal customers, a powerful brand awareness and increased revenues.

He understands the value of working with enthusiastic individuals. Vladimer works one-on-one with clients as a digital marketing coach and mentor. Having served thousands of businesses in the last 10 years, he knows what it means to grow your business.

If you have a particular marketing challenge that you want to help with, you can book a Skype consulting session with Vladimer, so he’ll help you solve your problems as quickly as possible.

If you want comprehensive marketing mentoring choose his mentoring package. Vladimer will tailor a strategy to gain more customers and move your brand forward.

If you are looking for digital marketing training then check out his marketing training services especially for entrepreneurs and marketing managers.

Get noticed online. Vladimer’s digital marketing services have helped thousands of business professionals to create a big picture vision and manage their voice online.

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