Discover The Practical Value of Knowledge

Individuals who manage businesses should at least have some understanding what roles digital marketing and social media play in helping their brands grow. It can be difficult for those who are approaching this field with minuscule experience. Boost your marketing talent and accelerate your business from the comfort of your own office.

You want your staff to know the cutting-edge strategies to move your brand forward. But where do you start? Vladimer brings world-class digital marketing workshops, online tools and digital solutions to different cities across the globe. His workshops promote a comprehensive understanding and put you on a path to a strong digital ecosystem.

Over the last 5 years, Vladimer has helped thousands of executives in social media and delivered workshops for a wide range of clients. His immersive and interactive workshops have an exceptional track record of success. Attendees will learn to think strategically and accomplish their goals, such as brand building awareness, lead generation and increased sales. The significance of why engaging social channels must be an essential part of your business and how to surpass your competitors.

Through these workshops Vladimer aims to proper your digital entrepreneurial aspirations and make them a reality.

The five-hour session is as collaborative and responsive as you would expect from a coach with world-class expertise. The workshops are suitable for Chief Marketing Officers, marketing managers, CIOs, chief data officers, agency strategists and executives, and anyone who are interested in measuring ROI from social media.

There are question and answer sessions, hands-on development, and a myriad of opportunities to pick the brain from someone who has been through the similar situation for many years.

It can be run at your office a full day and half day. Vladimer's workshops have a 100 percent record of participants saying they will consider it value for money and they'd recommend it to a friend.

Available workshop topics include:

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Comparison of Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing industry growth

Digital Marketing as a tool of success for brands

Social Media Branding

Social Media Measurement

Social Media ROI

Competitive snapshot of market trends

Recommended actions and estimates

Content Marketing

Creating Online Business Opportunities

Search Engine Marketing

There are group, question and answer session and a lot of laughs. If you aim to generate more sales and leads online learn how to get noticed on Google and become a master of social media. Vladimer can't wait to meet you. Contact him today for more information about scheduling a workshop.