Take a step towards the Future.

The world is getting online and brands are desperate for digital talent. There has never been a better time to upgrade your career your career prospects with a globally sought-after training in digital marketing. Few have improved their skill-set, tool-set and mindset required to succeed. The gap between market opportunity and firm capability continues to widen as only 48% of digital marketers feel proficient in social media marketing. One of the largest contributors to this gap is lack of investment in training: only 18% of marketers take part in-person courses compared to 82% who learn digital marketing at work. Vladimer delivers a variety of training programs to address this gap and is one of the world's leading independent providers of digital marketing training. He wants to help you and your business grow through unprecedented digital marketing practices. Vladimer will work with you to identify specific training objectives for your team, with the aim of training skills and knowledge to business.

Vladimer provides corporations and executives with the cutting-edge skills needed to thrive in today's digital world. His world-class digital marketing expertise is recognized by American Marketing Association, UCL, the University of Westminster, RETHINK RETAIL and the CMO Council. Vladimer can deliver a one-day training on-site at your office to help your brand's digital growth. The program gets updated every quarter, so it's always 100% innovative. The training is relevant for teams of every scale of business. Whether you are a startup, medium or large enterprise, Vladimer can custom-design a program on your requirements. Vladimer has extensive digital marketing experience from both a professional as well as academic perspective. He is responsible for organizing trainings in London and Dubai.

Vladimer has a growing collection of topics with practical outcomes. Here are digital marketing training contents:

Social Media Marketing

Twitter Marketing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat.

Learn all social media optimization and how to interact and engage with your potential customers.

Digital Marketing Strategy

How to set up a digital marketing agency and where you can gain clients from.

Online Reputation Management

How to manage your personal brand online and how to grow it.

Social Selling

Learn how to understand the power of listening and influencing. Measure success using social selling align sales and marketing to deliver company objectives

Search Engine Optimization

Rank any website on top of Search Engines. Learn cutting-edge on-page, off-page optimization and Google Webmaster tool.

Google Analytics

Analyze, measure and improve the performance of digital campaigns and calculate ROI.

Mobile Marketing

Market your services and products on mobile apps, IOS and Android devices. Create campaigns for mobile marketing.

Hashtag Marketing

Learn how to discover the most rewarding and trending hashtags.

Live Streaming

Learn how to utilize live streaming for your brand: Facebook Live, YouTube live streaming, Periscope, Snapchat Live Stories, Instagram Live and more.

E-mail Marketing

Create and send thousands of emails, generate leads and sales with email marketing.

Marketing Through Blogs

Learn how to set up and write a blog, build readership, the do's and don'ts of blogging, blogging as a marketing tool.

Media Buying

Create a media buying proposal for a client and publisher. Understand how online advertisements are served. Advertise on social media channels. The pros and cons of different ad placements. Understand campaign analysis and performance.

Video Marketing

Learn how to engage your viewers with your videos and turn them into customers.

Upon completion of this training, you will open gates for various industries and get a myriad of job opportunities in digital marketing industry.

Boost business revenue with an extra outlet sales online, save up to 70% of advertising cost with online advertising. Expand your business to a wider geographical area by marketing it online.

Contact Vladimer and let him know what you need. He will set up a call for you to identify the most suitable topics and strategies that are tailored to your requirement. Once you are confident about the most appropriate training solution he will schedule a digital marketing training at your place.